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New home for Caterham after Hungarian Grand Prix // The team will leave Hingham for Germany, and return to Leafield

Published by Christine Blachford

New home for Caterham after Hungarian Grand Prix
Credit: Caterham F1
New home for Caterham after Hungarian Grand Prix audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute - New home for Caterham after Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Caterham team are on schedule to move factories from Hingham in Norfolk to Leafield in Oxfordshire, after previously revealing their intentions earlier in the year. The anticipated date of arrival at the new factory had been tentatively set for August, and the team have now confirmed that they will be at their new premises just in time for the summer break.

Team boss Tony Fernandes explains: “The first task is to refurbish the whole site and prepare it for a long and successful future. While that work is taking place the F1 team's race trucks have left Hingham with our 2012 race cars for the last time. The next time they are back in the UK they will go straight to Leafield.”

He added that the refurbishments should be complete by October, and when it is done, everyone involved hopes it will be a facility that will help them take some steps forward on track. Notably, their new home is in the midst of “Motorsport Valley” meaning they may be able to entice a wider range of employees with a larger degree of experience.