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Mercedes and Ferrari confirm 2017 car launch dates - Fiorano and Silverstone go head to head for launches

Published by Christine

Mercedes and Ferrari confirm 2017 car launch dates
Mercedes and Ferrari confirm 2017 car launch dates audio waveform

The festive season is done, a new year is upon us and that can only mean it’s time to start looking ahead to the 2017 Formula One season. Two teams have confirmed the launch dates of their new cars, and whilst launches aren’t the big deal they were a decade ago, the all-new style of this year’s machinery means there will be plenty to look out for. Wider cars, bigger tyres and various aerodynamic tweaks will attempt to make the cars faster, and they should look recognisably different from the 2016 batch.

Ferrari announced their launch first, revealing they will drive the new 2017 car at Fiorano on the 24th February, with just a weekend before the first test in Barcelona gets underway. Mercedes decided to get one up on Ferrari, and have scheduled the launch of the new Silver Arrow for the 23rd February, running the car around the Silverstone track.

Of course, Mercedes haven’t confirmed who is in that second seat yet, so we’ll not only be keeping an eye out for the new car, but for the new driver as well.