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Lotus-Renault tell all at Autosport International - Both sides have their say about their combined team entry

Published by Christine

Lotus-Renault tell all at Autosport International
Lotus-Renault tell all at Autosport International audio waveform

Hello and welcome to F1Minute, it’s the 13th January.

Lotus-Renault unveiled their new colour scheme at the Autosport International event in Birmingham today, although it is barely different to the black and gold livery that was revealed when Lotus began their sponsorship of the French team. Talking of which, Renault boss Éric Boullier confirmed that the team will be running under a British licence rather than a French one. He said: “Lotus is an English manufacturer... It means that if we win, we will play the British national anthem - and that is important for everybody inside the team. We are rebranding everything inside the company now.”

Meanwhile, CEO of Group Lotus Dany Bahar had a different view, saying: “We follow the same Lotus strategy we apply in every single motor racing activity... We first of all, just act as a sponsor and maybe a shareholder, but we leave the things as they are today... Renault is an exceptional name, we keep the name as it is and the chassis will be called a Renault.”