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Lotus Racing and Lotus Group go head to head - It's a battle for the Lotus name, whilst De La Rosa gets a full time job

Published by Christine

Lotus Racing and Lotus Group go head to head
Lotus Racing and Lotus Group go head to head audio waveform

It is the 27th September and this is F1Minute.

Pedro de la Rosa has been confirmed as Pirelli’s test driver as the Italian tyre manufacturer continues to develop next year’s rubber. We already knew he was going to have a go, along with Romain Grosjean, but it’s de la Rosa who gets the full-time gig.

Elsewhere, the team principals are beginning to express concerns about the Korean GP now as well. There’s still no confirmation either way, but the biggest worry is spending logistics money that will turn out to be a waste.

Finally, a row is brewing between Lotus Racing, who announced they’d be bringing back the historic Team Lotus name next year, and Lotus Group who want to stop them. Team Lotus and Lotus Group were both owned by Colin Chapman, way back in the day, but they appear to be two very separate divisions. Lotus Group say Lotus Racing have no rights to the name, and Lotus Racing insist that it is a complete non-issue. From everything I’ve seen, it looks like Tony Fernandes and Lotus Racing have the upper hand, but I am no lawyer. All I know for sure is I never want to say Lotus again.