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Karun Chandhok hits out at Vijay Mallya - Chandhok responds to criticism of the current Indian F1 drivers

Published by Christine

Karun Chandhok hits out at Vijay Mallya
Credit: Team Lotus
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This is F1Minute - Karun Chandhok hits back at Vijay Mallya.

Lotus reserve driver Karun Chandhok has hit out at Vijay Mallya, after the Force India boss criticised the two current Indian F1 drivers for settling for back of the grid teams, and batted away arguments that he won’t employ them himself.

Mallya has been reported as saying, to those that complain: “My only response to them would be that I know more about Formula One than they do. As far as the existing Indian drivers in F1 are concerned, I can only feel very sorry for them. They are getting drives by the teams who clearly can’t compete.”

Talking to Reuters, Chandhok has expressed his disappointment: “If you are going to criticise people, at least do it with some facts. Having never tested either Narain or myself in one of his cars, he doesn’t have the facts. I understand the need to find the next Indian star, and I use the word next, not first, and the need to create more Indian F1 drivers. But you’re not going to find the next star by running events in single-engined four-stroke rental karts on 400 metre tracks made out of concrete.”