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Horner believes Webber will be back stronger in 2011 - Christian talks up his performance, whilst Klien ponders the grid

Published by Christine

Horner believes Webber will be back stronger in 2011
Horner believes Webber will be back stronger in 2011 audio waveform

This is F1Minute and it is the 26th November 2010.

I think we all know the only way to describe how Webber must be feeling right about now is... gutted. But, Red Bull boss Christian Horner is keen to buoy his second favourite driver up, saying that he is bound to be right back up there in the title hunt in 2011. He said: “I think he’ll take a little bit of time to reflect but when he looks back in the cold light of day at this year, he can be very proud of what he has achieved... Obviously there is disappointment in not having achieved his ultimate goal, but I think he has driven very, very well this year.” He says he’ll bounce back with lessons learned for next season.

Elsewhere, Christian Klien has admitted it is really hard to get a seat in F1, harder than ever, in fact, but he is still hoping to work with HRT next year.

Not quite so positive news, now, it has emerged that Bernie Ecclestone was mugged on Wednesday night, with jewellery estimated at being worth £200,000 stolen. Bernie was with his girlfriend, and taken to hospital with a head injury, but was discharged and is at home recovering. Get well soon Mr E.