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Hamilton set to take engine penalty in Spa // Champion hopes to overtake during Belgian GP

Published by Christine

Hamilton set to take engine penalty in Spa
Credit: Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix
Hamilton set to take engine penalty in Spa audio waveform

It’s been on the cards for a few months now, but Lewis Hamilton has confirmed he’ll be taking an engine penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend, as he has run out of usable engines. Now in the lead of the championship, Hamilton has been expecting this moment and hoped to take the penalty at a track you can overtake more easily on, and you could argue Spa fits that bill.

Hamilton says: “I have no engines left, I’ll do everything I can to minimise the impact it will have. Beyond the penalty I’ll eventually take, I think I’ll be able to continue with the momentum I had before the break.”

Hamilton has won the last four races, and six out of the last seven, which has given him a 19 point lead over teammate Nico Rosberg. He’s realistic about his chances this weekend though: “I think in terms of winning, that is the goal but it will be very, very hard. The gap has closed between the other cars, we are in the third year of evolution and Red Bull is quick, so is Ferrari. It will be harder than it was last year or the year before to climb through the field, it will be about minimising the damage.”