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FIA rule on floor design legality // Red Bull (and perhaps more) face a redesign

Published by Christine

FIA rule on floor design legality
Credit: ESEA Photo
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This is F1Minute - FIA rule on floor design legality.

After speculation during the Monaco Grand Prix over the legality of Red Bull’s floor design - where holes feature to help improve downforce - the FIA have sent a Technical Directive to the teams to clarify their position. Despite the design being in use on the Red Bull since Bahrain, and potentially featuring on other teams’ cars as well, the FIA have ruled that the hole in floor design is not legal.

The official FIA statement, posted in full on F1 journalist Adam Cooper’s website, points out the arguments that have been made to them - that the regulations don’t explicitly state where holes can be - and go on to say: “We disagree with this view and consider it implicit that fully enclosed holes may not be located there.”

The clarification applies from now on, so that all the results for the 2012 season so far remain, but from the Canadian Grand Prix next week, holes in the floor will not be legal. For teams that this does effect, the cars will likely already be on their way to Canada, and so designing, producing and shipping new parts will require a tight turnaround.