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FIA reject Red Bull fuel-flow disqualification appeal - Ricciardo's Australian Grand Prix penalty is upheld

Published by Christine

FIA reject Red Bull fuel-flow disqualification appeal
Credit: Thompson/Getty Images
FIA reject Red Bull fuel-flow disqualification appeal audio waveform

The hearing for Red Bull’s appeal against Daniel Ricciardo’s disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix took place this week, with the FIA ruling that the penalty will stand. Although specific reasons will be released at a later date, the FIA have rejected the appeal, meaning Ricciardo does not get back the 18 points he would have from that third place finish.

Red Bull issued a statement soon after the hearing result was announced, saying: “We are, of course, disappointed by the outcome and would not have appealed if we didn’t think we had a very strong case. We always believed we adhered to the technical regulations.” They expressed sympathy for Ricciardo, and finished by saying they were moving on to concentrate on China this weekend.

Daniel Ricciardo said he was also disappointed but “if anything it gives me more motivation to get back on the podium as soon as possible… I said that week, I’d rather have a great race, finish on the podium and then be excluded than to have had a rubbish race and retired with a car problem half way through.”