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FIA reject Lotus F1 protest in Shanghai - Lotus F1 protest against Mercedes' rear wing

Published by Christine

FIA reject Lotus F1 protest in Shanghai
Credit: LAT Photographic
FIA reject Lotus F1 protest in Shanghai audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute - FIA reject Lotus F1 protest in Shanghai.

In the space of one day, the Lotus F1 team filed a protest against the Mercedes rear wing, had their protest rejected by the FIA and decided not to appeal the decision. Teams have been questioning the legality of Mercedes’ rear wing f-duct device, as the system activates at the same time a driver presses the DRS button - putting it in the grey area of the moveable aerodynamic device regulations.

Lotus put in their protest early on Thursday, paying the 2,000 Euro fee required, however a meeting between Lotus, Mercedes and the FIA later confirmed the device was legal. This has been the FIA’s stance since the Mercedes car was launched earlier in the year.

The statement revealing the decision said once and for all that: “The Mercedes design complies with all bodywork geometric and stiffness regulations. The design is entirely passive and has no moving parts whatsoever.”

It was later reported that Lotus will not appeal the decision.