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FIA put cost-caps back on the Formula One agenda - Permanent driver numbers, cost caps, and additional penalties

Published by Christine

FIA put cost-caps back on the Formula One agenda
Credit: Caterham F1 / Creative Commons
FIA put cost-caps back on the Formula One agenda audio waveform

The FIA have revealed some sweeping regulation changes for upcoming F1 seasons, including signing off the principle of a cost-cap to be introduced in January 2015. Although no specifics were given, a working group will be set up to finalise the details of a global cap, with the regulations required to be ready by June 2014.

The FIA, in collaboration with the Strategy Group and the Formula One Commission, also agreed to implement permanent driver numbers, meaning each driver picks a number and sticks with it for the entirety of his or her F1 career. For next year, there will be double points at the final race of the year - in this case it will be Abu Dhabi - in the hopes that it will keep the championship challenge alive a little longer, and make the final race a real spectacle.

Other items announced included an official tyre test for Pirelli, to take place with six teams on the 17th December in Bahrain, plus the possibility of a new five-second penalty to be given for minor driver infringements.