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FIA prepare for suspension-related protests in Germany - Charlie Whiting shares his opinion on FRIC technology

Published by Christine

FIA prepare for suspension-related protests in Germany
Credit: Drew Gibson/Getty
FIA prepare for suspension-related protests in Germany audio waveform

Race Director and FIA delegate Charlie Whiting has written to teams suggesting they decide amongst themselves whether to run a particular suspension technology, and whether those not running it should protest those that are. The front and rear interconnected suspension, otherwise known as FRICs, is run by Mercedes and could be part of the reason they have such an advantage over the other teams this season.

Whiting has previously said the technology doesn’t appear to be legal, after being asked his opinion by two teams - reportedly Red Bull and Ferrari. Whiting has no actual control over whether it is deemed legal or not, but if any of the teams do protest in Germany, they will be able to use his opinion to back up their argument.

Max Chilton confirmed Marussia had the system but had tried running without it during testing at Silverstone last week. He said: “It didn’t feel as bad as I thought, it will depend on what circuit you are at.” He pinpoints the higher speed tracks as a particular problem.