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FIA postpone electric F1 until 2017 - The WMSC announce a few changes to the regulations

Published by Christine

FIA postpone electric F1 until 2017
Credit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT
FIA postpone electric F1 until 2017 audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute - FIA postpone electric F1 until 2017.

The World Motorsport Council met in Istanbul today to discuss the future of the sport and have made a few changes.

There was going to be a requirement for cars to run under electric power only whilst in the pit lane, but that has now been pushed back to 2017. Also, the bodywork design changes that were scheduled to be introduced in 2014 have been scrapped. They were designed to reduce downforce and drag, whilst increasing efficiency - essentially making the nose lower, the front wing smaller and the rear wing shallower.

The team personnel curfews imposed on the mechanics and crew throughout the year have been tightened, with further restrictions on Thursdays increasing from six hours to eight hours. The number of exceptions allowed per team per season has been reduced from four to two.

Additionally, more stringent front wing deflection tests will be introduced next year to cut down on the amount of flexible bodywork teams have been exploiting.

The force majeure allowance for drivers running out of fuel during qualifying has been removed, so that there can be no fuel-related excuses for stopping out on track once the timer hits zero.