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FIA hold open 2015 entry list for Manor - Team need to prove they have means to race

Published by Christine

FIA hold open 2015 entry list for Manor
FIA hold open 2015 entry list for Manor audio waveform

The FIA have kept the Manor team’s hopes of an entry to the 2015 F1 World Championship alive after it became clear the governing body weren’t finalising the entry list for the year ahead until satisfied one way or the other whether the team can compete.

Manor, alongside fellow sufferers Caterham, were listed on the provisional 2015 entry but were subject to confirmation, and their search for funding and investment for the coming year has been under intense scrutiny. They had submitted a proposal for a bend in the regulations that would allow them to run a 2014 car next year whilst they recovered themselves. However, it was put to the Strategy Group and rejected, with Force India particularly vocal that Manor should not get special treatment in that way.

Instead, the Manor team are reported to have told the FIA they will be able to get some kind of 2015 machinery in working order ready if not for Australia, certainly the first few races. The FIA want to make sure the team can do this before signing off the entry list with them, or deciding to leave them out officially.