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FIA hearing bans Mercedes from Young Driver Testing - Mercedes and Pirelli get a reprimand, with the former banned from testing

Published by Christine

FIA hearing bans Mercedes from Young Driver Testing
Credit: Mercedes AMG Petronas
FIA hearing bans Mercedes from Young Driver Testing audio waveform

The FIA’s International Tribunal met to consider the Mercedes tyre testing issue and found the team guilty of breaching the regulations. Mercedes received a reprimand and a ban from taking part in this year’s Young Driver Test due to take place at Silverstone in July. Pirelli also appeared at the hearing, and they also received a reprimand.

The official ruling stated: “Neither Pirelli nor Mercedes acted in bad faith at any material time.” It continued that the FIA were informed of some parts of the test going ahead, but the secrecy from the other teams was not acceptable.

Mercedes have accepted the punishment, but rival teams Red Bull and Ferrari are not necessarily convinced by the penalties. Christian Horner has pointed out Mercedes may still have benefited, saying: “It is always preferential to test with race drivers rather than test drivers.” And Ferrari’s Horse Whisperer column said: “It is somewhat perplexing to say the least to see that the guilty party can get away virtually scott free for having derived an unfair sporting advantage.”