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FIA to clampdown on helmet colour changes - Future regulations could ban in-season swaps

Published by Christine

FIA to clampdown on helmet colour changes
Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
FIA to clampdown on helmet colour changes audio waveform

The Formula One Commission met in Geneva to discuss future regulation changes for the sport and decided that drivers should be banned from changing their helmet colours during a season, in a bid to aid fans recognising and identifying the drivers when they’re in the car.

A Reuters source said: “The FIA is keen to have stability so people can identify who is in the car. The new phenomenon of drivers changing helmet every few races isn’t helping.” The iconic helmets of Formula One came into being because of the consistency and story built up around them but there has been a trend for drivers to chop and change when the mood takes them.

Sebastian Vettel has been one living vicariously through his helmet colours, changing the paintwork more than 50 times during his chase for his four championships. The move hasn’t been ratified by the World Motorsport Council yet, but has still disappointed some who prefer drivers to be able to express themselves, and those who think the governing body should be focusing on cost control rather than driver control.