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FIA ban DRS use through Eau Rouge - Charlie Whiting and Felipe Massa comment on the decision

Published by Christine

FIA ban DRS use through Eau Rouge
Credit: Lorenzo Bellanca/LAT Photographic
FIA ban DRS use through Eau Rouge audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute - FIA ban DRS use through Eau Rouge.

The FIA confirmed earlier this week that any use of DRS through the Eau Rouge section of the Spa circuit will be banned over the weekend. Drivers would normally be free to use DRS wherever they like during Free Practice and Qualifying, but Charlie Whiting has written to the teams to disallow the device through Eau Rouge.

There had been some concerns that it would be dangerous up the sweeping hill, but it will not be an issue in the race. The FIA have confirmed the DRS activation zone will start on the straight between Raidillon and Les Combes.

Speaking about the decision, Charlie Whiting has said: “We want to avoid drivers going through thinking that their wing is in the right position, when it might not be. We think this is the correct safety measure to have taken at such a fast, demanding corner.”

Felipe Massa has written on the Ferrari website and agrees with the Race Director that it was the right decision, he said: “As racing drivers, we would always try and use DRS there and that could lead to an accident, because of the particular nature of the corner. So, just as was the case in the tunnel at Monaco, I think this is the best solution.”