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FIA announce entry fee price increases // Teams face hefty hikes as the the cost structure is tweaked

Published by Christine

FIA announce entry fee price increases
Credit: Ker Robertson/Getty
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This is F1Minute - FIA announce entry fee price increases.

The FIA have published a new Appendix to the Sporting Regulations to come into effect next season, in which the team that wins the championship will have to pay more in entry fees than all the other competitors. There will be a standard charge of half a million dollars, with an additional $6000 per point secured during the season. Everyone else has a similar flat rate, but is charged $5000 on the additional points.

The existing entry fee has been set at just under $400,000 so this new scheme will mean a huge increase in fees, particularly, for example, for Red Bull, who would have paid $4.4 million instead of the $400,000 they did last year. It means a win now costs a team $150,000.

Red Bull are okay with that, though, Christian Horner has said: “It penalises the higher scoring teams more, but we can understand some of the reasoning behind that - so we accept the FIA’s position.”