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F1 teams unsure about DRS effect in Monza - A variety of views on the overtaking device in Italy

Published by Christine

F1 teams unsure about DRS effect in Monza
Credit: Mercedes GP
F1 teams unsure about DRS effect in Monza audio waveform

This is F1Minute - F1 teams unsure about DRS effect in Monza.

Technical director of Sauber, James Key, has said that teams are facing something of an unknown with the double DRS zones at Monza, particularly because of the configuration of the circuit. He says: “Overtaking can be expected in two places, although we don’t know yet how effective the DRS will be in such a low downforce setting... For the car we will have a modified front wing for low downforce settings and a rear wing specific to Monza.”

Other teams are more confident of the DRS effect however. Sam Michael of Williams says: “Overtaking should be common, given the long straights and the DRS.”

The Team Lotus Notes preview states: “The circuit’s current guise puts an emphasis on aerodynamic performance and with two DRS zones active during the race weekend, fans can expect to see a huge amount of overtaking through every session.”

And talking of the other sessions in the weekend, Mercedes have calculated that: “DRS can be used for 74% of the lap (or 4.29 km) in practice and qualifying - the highest percentage of the season.