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FIA ban pit-to-car performance and driving advice - Governing body clamp down on race engineer instructions

Published by Christine

FIA ban pit-to-car performance and driving advice
Credit: Glenn Dunbar/Williams F1
FIA ban pit-to-car performance and driving advice audio waveform

The FIA have issued a clampdown on pit-to-car radio, after finding the performance advice that drivers receive is above and beyond the call of duty. A letter has been sent to the teams with the standard not-quite-specific enough wording. Race director Charlie Whiting informed the teams that the governing body will be enforcing the radio clampdown with immediate effect. He went on: “No radio conversation from pit to driver may include any information that is related tot he performance of the car or driver.”

The increased radio traffic this year was tolerated initially as drivers became used to the new cars, and over fears of running foul of the fuel limits, but now Mercedes have become the poster team for abusing the radio streams. Both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have been fed a constant stream of information over where to save lap time, and of what the other drivers is doing at that same moment.

The FIA also pointed out the existing regulation that prohibits any data transmission from the car to the pit, after it appeared at Monza that Rosberg acknowledged a radio message non-verbally but via a switch instead.