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Drivers air concerns over low weight limits in F1 - Nico Hülkenberg sparks a storm over driver proportions

Published by Christine

Drivers air concerns over low weight limits in F1
Credit: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
Drivers air concerns over low weight limits in F1 audio waveform

Nico Hülkenberg has spoken out about the weight limit in Formula One, after reports emerged that he had missed out on drives at the top teams due to his height and therefore weight. Although denied by some, including Christian Horner at Red Bull, the concern drivers have over their weight is growing.

Hülkenberg has said: “I think there was a similar situation in 2009 when KERS was first introduced and drivers had to lose a lot of weight. Unfortunately I am what I am, I’m tall and therefore on the heavier side, but not as heavy as some other drivers.”

Mark Webber has always been the role model for taller drivers, and he has criticised the situation, saying: “Everybody’s been asking me why I look so skinny but you have to be skinny because it’s to your advantage to be as light as possible. It’s a car performance advantage.”

Jenson Button has also commented, adding: “It does hurt the heavier driver and it’s very unfair to say lose weight, because some of us can’t lose any more. You need to have skin on your bones and a little bit of muscle to drive an F1 car, so it is unfair.”