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Doubts persist over the Bahrain Grand Prix - Former champion Damon Hill has raised concerns

Published by Christine

Doubts persist over the Bahrain Grand Prix
Credit: Alastair Staley/GP2 Media
Doubts persist over the Bahrain Grand Prix audio waveform

This is F1Minute - Doubts persist over the Bahrain Grand Prix.

As the 2012 running of the Bahrain Grand Prix draws closer, names both in and outside of Formula One have been questioning the decision to hold the race. Former champion and current Sky pundit Damon Hill has previously visited the country and admitted it would be good for the race to be held, but has now talked of his doubts.

In the Guardian newspaper, he has said: “It would be a bad state of affairs, and bad for Formula One, to be seen to be enforcing martial law in order to hold the race. That’s not what this sport should be about. Looking at it today, you’d have to say that could be creating more problems than it’s solving.”

Meanwhile, Labour MP, Richard Burden, has also questioned the race, saying: “In hindsight, the FIA should not have scheduled the 2012 race so early in the season. It was always going to be too early to know how far things had moved on in Bahrain since last year. F1 can’t turn the clock back but, with three weeks to go before the race, it can still rethink. It should do so.”