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Dangerous pit stops to trigger ten place grid drops - More reactions to the loose wheel situation following the German Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Dangerous pit stops to trigger ten place grid drops
Credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Dangerous pit stops to trigger ten place grid drops audio waveform

Race Director Charlie Whiting has told F1 teams that if there are any more loose wheel incidents similar to Red Bull’s dangerous pit stop release in Germany, there will be 10 place grid penalties imposed upon the guilty parties.

The reactions from the German Grand Prix, where FOM cameraman Paul Allen was injured by a loose and out of control wheel, have been far-reaching. Initially, FOM confirmed they would only film from the pit wall in future, and the FIA followed suit by banning all non-essential personnel, namely broadcasters and media, from the pit lane throughout a race weekend.

That ruling has been relaxed a little, with a controlled amount of passes available for photographers and journalists in the pit lane during practice and an even more limited selection on the pit wall during qualifying and the race.

Along with these precautions, the FIA says they are still working with teams to find a better solution - a minimum pit-stop time has been discussed but is not popular, whilst there could be changes to how the wheels are secured to the car at the pit stop.