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Controversy over secret Mercedes and Pirelli tyre test - A tyre test in Barcelona puts Mercedes and Pirelli in hot water with the FIA

Published by Christine

Controversy over secret Mercedes and Pirelli tyre test
Credit: Pirelli S.p.A.
Controversy over secret Mercedes and Pirelli tyre test audio waveform

A new row is brewing in Formula One, as ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, both Red Bull and Ferrari protested against Mercedes - accusing them of participating in an illegal tyre test with Pirelli after the Spanish Grand Prix.

Pirelli and Mercedes don’t deny the test took place, and say they asked permission from the FIA ahead of time. In fact there is provision in the regulations for Pirelli to work with teams and use their current cars for testing data, completing a maximum of 1000 kilometres at a time. However, after looking into the issue, the FIA have said there are some things to be concerned about with the way this tyre test was handled.

A statement from the governing body insists that all teams need to be given the opportunity to complete such a test, and that it needs to be Pirelli doing the testing rather than team and driver. They also say that whilst the tyre supplier did inquire about this test, there was no communication to say it was going ahead.

The matter remains with the FIA for review, but they may refer it to the International Tribunal for further investigation.