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Caterham and Renault extend engine partnership - Renault Sport get a renewal for their engine supply at Leafield

Published by Christine

Caterham and Renault extend engine partnership
Credit: Charles Coates/LAT Photographic
Caterham and Renault extend engine partnership audio waveform

Caterham have confirmed they are continuing with Renault for their engine supply for a further three years from 2014. The announcement comes ahead of a big change to the power plant regulations, with V6 turbocharged engines replacing the current supply of V8s. Caterham have been partnered with Renault since 2011 and are happy with how things are going so far - particularly as the pair have launched a joint roadcar venture as well.

Team Principal at Caterham, Cyril Abiteboul, says: “Given the age and status of our team, we’ve been pleased to see Renault Sport F1 adapting their operational practices to suit our size... The depth of our partnership will certainly pay dividends in 2014, helping us tackle the new regulations quickly and efficiently.”

Caterham also recently announced another partnership with Cashper, a quick-loan provider in Europe owned by a Maltese bank. There are customer competitions and big promotions coming up, and according to the bank, it’s a good fit because both Cashper and Caterham: “strive to maximise top speed and serve the public.”