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Azerbaijan added to F1’s 2016 season calendar - The Formula One season keeps on expanding

Published by Christine

Azerbaijan added to F1’s 2016 season calendar
Credit: Red Bull
Azerbaijan added to F1’s 2016 season calendar audio waveform

Azerbaijan has become the latest addition to Formula One’s expanding calendar, with confirmation of a Grand Prix in 2016. At the same time, the continuing delays at the New Jersey track mean it has been put off for yet another year and will not likely be part of the 2015 lineup.

Bernie Ecclestone is quoted by Forbes as saying: “Somebody said to me the other day that New Jersey seem to have got their act together now and that they’ve got the money and are all in good shape. Whether or not that is true I don’t know. The soonest it could come on the calendar is 2016.”

The Baku race in Azerbaijan was originally intended to join the roster next year, but will now be part of the 2016 season, which will allow for the calendar to be reshuffled to fit the 20 desired races, or for teams to agree to go above the limit. Azerbaijan’s minister of sport said: “Azerbaijan is a modern European country that has established a reputation as a centre of sporting excellence.”