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Austrian chequered flag to be waved by F1 fan - Red Bull put on competition for race end

Published by Christine

Austrian chequered flag to be waved by F1 fan
Credit: Kniepeiss/Getty
Austrian chequered flag to be waved by F1 fan audio waveform

The Austrian Grand Prix has struggled in its short comeback so far to differentiate itself from other European races, but this weekend it will have the honour of being the first track to allow an F1 fan to wave the chequered flag. A competition, instigated by Red Bull, owners of the race track, is in place, for fans to take a picture of themselves doing something creative with a chequered flag at a special booth at the circuit, and they might get chosen for the crucial job.

It’s a big responsibility for the fan who wins, as we’ve seen before how a flag being waved at the wrong time can cause chaos. At the Chinese Grand Prix in 2014, the chequered flag was waved a lap early, meaning no one was totally sure who had won until the regulations had been checked.

A select few fans also got to ride in the safety car as a passenger of Bernd Maylander, and Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo said: “It’s another way to engage fans and bring them closer to our sport.”