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Mosley keeps McLaren in the press - Max says Lewis has a negative impact

Published by Christine

Mosley keeps McLaren in the press
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Today is the 31st October, I’m Christine and this is F1Minute.

Max Mosley has been making more headlines for McLaren. Firstly, he said Lewis Hamilton may end up having a negative effect on the sport, despite the droves of new British fans turning up at Silverstone this year. He is hoping it won’t turn into another Michael Schumacher – you either love him or you hate him – situation.

Mosley has also given more information about the inspection of McLaren’s 2008 cars, saying that the details will be handed to external experts. The trick will be in deciding if any ideas from Ferrari have been stolen, as it’s unlikely the engineering will look exactly the same.

Two quick stories to finish, Singapore are already making plans to build a permanent racetrack in the city, even though their first ever race has yet to be held. They are sure it’s going to cause a revolution in the sport over there. And Bernie Ecclestone held an auction in London today to sell off 50 of his rare car collection, including a Ford Anglia that only cost him just over £650.

That’s all for today, Happy Halloween to everyone. Please join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.