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McLaren confirm Kovalainen for 2009 - Kovalainen will be retained at McLaren next season

Published by Christine

McLaren confirm Kovalainen for 2009
McLaren confirm Kovalainen for 2009 audio waveform

This is F1Minute and it’s the 31st July 2008.

McLaren have today confirmed that Heikki Kovalainen will be partnering Lewis Hamilton in 2009, and everyone is very happy about it. Kovalainen says he’s ready to commit to McLaren and hopes that he can stay there for the rest of his career. Hamilton is pleased with the improved atmosphere within the team, so he’s glad it will continue. Martin Whitmarsh said that Kovalainen is “a brilliant young racing driver” but they will still be working to “extract his full potential.”

Elsewhere today, Michael Schumacher has been involved in an incident in Kent, where the Fiat van he was driving hit a barrier and knocked over a man. Martin Kingham reported the incident and police arrived at the scene. They were at first suspicious of the driver’s claims to be the seven times World Champion, but with the help of some ID, they did confirm that it was indeed Michael Schumacher in the van. No one was hurt, details were exchanged, and the matter was dealt with swiftly. My question is, what was Schumacher doing in Kent in the first place?

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