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FIA release details on 2010 budget cap - The FIA discuss budget cap figures, sign up dates and benefits

Published by Christine

FIA release details on 2010 budget cap
FIA release details on 2010 budget cap audio waveform

Today is the 30th April and this is F1Minute.

The FIA released findings today of the extraordinary World Motor Sport Council meeting held in Paris yesterday and some interesting details about the 2010 season were released. Firstly, the optional budget cap figure has been increased to £40 million a year – January to December – but doesn’t cover marketing, driver salaries, FIA fines, engine costs, and dividends paid.

Those signing up to the budget cap need to do so by the end of next month, but in doing so, they will receive the ability to have moveable wings at both ends of the cars, no engine rev limit, and unrestricted winter testing, including wind tunnel useage.

The FIA also confirmed that refuelling and tyre blankets will both be banned for 010. Reaction from teams has been pretty muted for now, although Williams and McLaren have both shown concern at the idea of F1 becoming a two-tier series.

That’s all for today, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.