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Teams submit entry to 2010 season - Two new teams join those already submitted to next year

Published by Christine

Teams submit entry to 2010 season
Teams submit entry to 2010 season audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 29th May 2009.

Lola has confirmed they have submitted an entry for the 2010 season but will say little else, whilst Dave Richards and Prodrive have also put their name down as well. Richards says that although the budget cap figure is going up and up, it is still within their grasp.

All the teams within FOTA submitted their entry for next year, with certain conditions. They have signed up as one unit, so that no team will be able to come and go either of their own or Max’s accord. The conditions are that a new Concorde Agreement is signed by the 12th June, and that the 2010 regulations are based on this year’s, with FOTA’s own cost cutting proposals included. Although they have signed up for next year, if Max forges ahead with any plans they don’t like, they may forfeit the season. We have yet to hear from the FIA, and entries close at midnight.

That’s it for now, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.