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Hamilton understands his team's strategy call - Lewis thinks again regarding Australia

Published by Christine

Hamilton understands his team's strategy call
Hamilton understands his team's strategy call audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute for the 29th March 2010.

Reaction pours forth from yesterday’s race, with Lewis Hamilton a little bit calmer following his outbursts on Sunday. The McLaren driver was clearly annoyed when he asked the team via the radio who had chosen the tyre strategy he was on, and after the race you could see he wasn’t impressed with how it had all panned out. Now, though, he says: “The team has explained to me their reasoning behind the second pitstop, and I can understand what they were trying to do, trying to cover both Mark and Nico for later in the race.” Very gracious of him. He also moved to point out that he was very happy for Button, saying every driver wants to win but if you can’t, you want it to be your teammate.

Elsewhere, Christian Horner has told us not to panic about the reliability issues on the Red Bull, saying: “We know we have got a fast car and I would far rather have a fast car than a slow car... We should have been sitting on 50 points and Sebastian is sitting on 12. But there is still a long way to go.”

That’s all for today, please join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.