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Coulthard and Bourdais visit Pamplona for bull run - Both sides of the Red Bull family visit the Spanish event

Published by Christine

Coulthard and Bourdais visit Pamplona for bull run
Coulthard and Bourdais visit Pamplona for bull run audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute, today is the 29th June 2008.

Another light hearted story to round out the weekend, although this one does seem slightly dangerous.

David Coulthard and Sébastien Bourdais took their respective Red Bull cars to Pamplona in Spain today, to take part in the Bull Run with a difference. Normally, around this time of year, crazy people run down a hill being chased by bulls. In celebration of this festival, Red Bull thought it would be a good idea to chase people down the hill in Formula 1 cars.

Now, technically, it wasn’t the same hill, and the cars spent more time doing donuts than actually being aimed at people, but it still looked like a pretty good show. Bourdais in his Toro Rosso and Coulthard in his Red Bull headed down the street following a herd of runners, there is video evidence on the web. The cars came crazily near to the people, with one video showing man entering an arena, closely followed by machine.

Having given it some pretty serious thought, I’ve decided I would rather be chased by a Red Bull than a real bull. Let me know what you think at

That’s all for today, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.