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Ron Dennis will turn up to 2009 races - Ron Dennis is set to remain, whilst the rear diffuser causes problems

Published by Christine

Ron Dennis will turn up to 2009 races
Ron Dennis will turn up to 2009 races audio waveform

Today is the 29th January and this is F1Minute.

Ron Dennis has confirmed what we all suspected, that although he is stepping down from the team, he will still turn up to pretty much all the races. Ron says: “The first reason is that I'll have work to do at Grands Prix as an influential member and proponent of FOTA, and as Chairman and CEO of the McLaren Group… The second reason is that I continue to love the sport of Formula One with every fibre of my being. That'll never change."

Elsewhere, are reporting that the FIA are aware of a rear diffuser clarification requested by Renault. Pat Symonds believes that Williams and Toyota may be bending the regulations somewhat at the back of the car, and have asked for it to be looked into. Autosport says that the FIA know about it but there’s no word if it’s illegal or not yet.

Finally, the Monaco Street Circuit has topped a list of “Seven Sporting Wonders of the World” beating out the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing, and the Bernabeu in Madrid.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.