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Confidence in Mosley continues to fall - Max Mosley continues to lack friends in the motoring world

Published by Christine

Confidence in Mosley continues to fall
Confidence in Mosley continues to fall audio waveform

It’s the 29th April and this is F1Minute.

A report in the Sunday Times this weekend has said that some of the motoring bodies who are members of the FIA could leave if Max Mosley does not step down. Although not specifically saying they would do so, the American Automobile Association warned that several of their fellow organisations could breakaway to form their own version of the FIA, one without Mosley at the top. This comes on top of a meeting over the weekend between all eleven F1 teams, where only three of them did not want to sign a statement asking Mosley to resign.

Elsewhere today, BMW boss Mario Theissen has spoken out about what ruined Heidfeld’s race, saying: “Unfortunately, with regards the safety car and pit stops, the current situation is anything but satisfying – it is a true gamble. This time, we have been the ones to suffer. The team managers have been discussing this topic with the FIA for quite a while now. I hope that there will be a reasonable solution soon.” Meanwhile Heidfeld simplified matters, branding it a “stupid rule.”

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