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Ferrari warn of exit over standard engines // Both Toyota and Ferrari issue warnings to the FIA

Published by Christine

Ferrari warn of exit over standard engines
Ferrari warn of exit over standard engines audio waveform

You’re listening to F1Minute and it’s the 28th October 2008.

Finally, we are getting word from teams about how they feel the standard engine will affect them. Toyota president John Howett said that manufacturers would be bound to leave if the standard engine came in to the regulations. He said: “If it is forced through, then it is not a decision we will take here, it will be taken by the board in Japan, but they want a degree of differentiation between teams.” Ferrari also issued a warning saying: “The use of same engines would deprive F1 of its competition and technological development. The board reserves the right to consider, together with our partners, our presence in this discipline.”

Despite two of the major teams in F1 admitting they might leave, the FIA remains steadfast on the ruling. The governing body issued a statement saying it wasn’t up to them to give in and change it, but for teams to either agree or come up with a suitable alternative.

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