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FOTA offer stepped budget suggestion - The teams want to get into the budget cap gradually

Published by Christine

FOTA offer stepped budget suggestion
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It’s the 28th May 2009, welcome to F1Minute.

After FOTA got together yesterday to discuss the future, and suspended Williams from the association in the process, Autosport is reporting that they’ve decided the best way forward is a stepped approach to the budget caps. Instead of dropping straight down to 40 million in the first year, they suggest 100 million Euros next year, then 45 million in 2011. They also think that increasing technical partnerships with the new teams will help ease the FIA’s plans to encourage entrants for next year.

The next step is to present it to the FIA and see if a compromise can be agreed.

Elsewhere, Sebastian Vettel has been awarded the Lorenzo Bandini trophy this year for his impressive performance in 2008. Last year, the prize went to Robert Kubica, who drove 12 kilometres to collect the trophy in an F1 car. It looks as though Vettel will repeat the feat in the STR3.

That’s all for today, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.