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Valencia street circuit gets the go ahead // The Spanish city gets the licence it needs for the F1 race

Published by Christine

Valencia street circuit gets the go ahead
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Welcome to F1Minute for the 28th July 2008.

The Valencia street circuit has been given it’s licence by the FIA meaning it can now hold the European Grand Prix next month. In order to get the licence, the circuit hosted races for two different series over the weekend.  The International GT event, and Spanish Formula 3 race went without a hitch, and Charlie Whiting was there keeping an eye on proceedings. Afterwards, boss of the circuit, Jose Martinez said: “To be honest, I thought we would have more problems, but everything went fine. Our big worry was security and safety, but we have had no problems at all, just minor things.”

With this news, Jenson Button has been eyeing up the new circuit, and said he believes the spectacle will bring a lot of new fans to Formula 1. He continued: “It looks quick for a street circuit but you have the run-off that is necessary. It is a very different circuit to Singapore, and in their own ways they will both be exciting. Valencia for the high-speed and overtaking aspects and Singapore more for the new idea of the night race."

I can’t wait.

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