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McLaren homes visited by Italian police - The factory is visited by police, along with homes of unnamed staff

Published by Christine

McLaren homes visited by Italian police
McLaren homes visited by Italian police audio waveform

It’s the 28th February, I’m Christine and this is F1Minute.

The McLaren factory was visited by Italian police yesterday, as the top bods were questioned in regards to the Ferrari espionage last year. The police also turned up at the homes of several members of staff, although names have not been released. McLaren assured us that the visit was “part of a normal judicial process in connection with the ongoing investigation” and also that the police were satisfied with their co-operation.

Bridgestone have announced that they will supply more slick tyres for teams to test in April, as they continue to analyse the potential of a 2009 comeback. They also spoke of this year’s tyres, saying they are almost identical to those in 2007, except minor changes to the super-soft compound.

And in the world of predictions, Nelson Piquet is saying that he doesn’t believe Renault are expecting to win races, Alonso has said Lewis Hamilton could win but he thinks Räikkönen is the most likely champ, and Kimi has played down expectations saying he’s unsure who the strongest team are and that the testing results are not that reliable.

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