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Charlie Whiting clarifies '09 rules - Honda try to ward off the panic whilst engine regulations are explained

Published by Christine

Charlie Whiting clarifies '09 rules
Charlie Whiting clarifies '09 rules audio waveform

It’s the 27th January 2009 and this is F1Minute.

The FIA have issued an interview with Charlie Whiting, which clears up some of the confusion over the 2009 regulations. There are two items I want to point out, the first regarding engines. Charlie clarifies that a team will be allowed eight over the course of the year, and won’t be penalised until the ninth is used. The team can use them however they like, there is no three-race ruling.

The second point is about the safety car, and Charlie admits that the recent regulations were a mistake and did not work. Now the pit lane will not close, but each car’s ECU will calculate a minimum lap time, and it’s up to the driver to ensure he doesn’t return to the pits too fast.

Finally, a spokesperson from Honda has said not to worry too much about the end of January deadline. She said: “Don't focus too much on speculation regarding time frames and deadlines. Work on our race car is progressing well. We're optimistic but may not be able to say more for some time."

That’s it for today, please join me again tomorrow for another F1Minute.