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Campos GP will struggle without budget caps // The team are worried now the regulations have changed

Published by Christine

Campos GP will struggle without budget caps
Campos GP will struggle without budget caps audio waveform

It’s the 27th August 2009 and this is F1Minute.

Campos Grand Prix director Daniel Audetto has admitted that the team came close to pulling the plug following the budget cap regulations being overturned. Talking of all the various elements that had made F1 so appealing, Audetto said: “These all disappeared, and the only thing that did not disappear was the budget we already had. So we cannot now afford to go to the level of others...” He does believe the team can start small and build up, but worryingly wants to “show like we did with Super Aguri that we are professional.” Let’s not think about what happened to that team!

Elsewhere, Frank Williams has said that they would like to keep their hands on Rosberg if they can, although he knows he is probably on McLaren’s list as a potential Heikki replacement. Frank says: “He is single minded, chirpy, a little arrogant which is good - he is always very good with the promo people, never an objection, he is very good.”

That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.