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FIA Court of Appeal announce fuel hearing date - The BMW/Williams illegal fuel hearing gets a schedule

Published by Christine

FIA Court of Appeal announce fuel hearing date
FIA Court of Appeal announce fuel hearing date audio waveform

Hello everyone, this if F1Minute, I’m Christine from Sidepodcast, and today is Friday 26th October. But it’s not today’s date that matters, oh no.

The FIA’s International Court of Appeal has set the date for the BMW/Williams fuel saga as Thursday, 15th November, and it will be heard in Paris.

Max Mosley made the announcement to a small gathering of French press, but the news soon spread through the blogosphere, causing anxiety wherever it went. Whilst defending the championship result as decided, Mosley said: “For us, the world championship is over, the result is what it is.” But then the President went on to contradict himself slightly by saying: “If the cars classified ahead of Hamilton would be excluded, would this change his position? The Court of Appeal will have to rule on that.”

So, whilst we now have a date to focus on, we are still going to have to wait for the final results.

And very quickly, while we’re talking about new champ Räikkönen, ex-Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn has praised the driver for his ability to adapt to the car and overcome the challenges of the Bridgestone tyres.

That’s all for today, have a wonderful weekend, and join me on Monday for another F1Minute.