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Lotus and Manor join FOTA - FOTA now have a full house again

Published by Christine

Lotus and Manor join FOTA
Lotus and Manor join FOTA audio waveform

Today is the 26th November 2009 and this is F1Minute.

Lotus and Manor Grand Prix have been welcomed to FOTA, according to reports from Autosport. Once again all the entered teams for 2010 are signed up to the organisation, and it was all done nice and unanimously. Although FOTA have been quiet over recent months, they are working on further cost cutting measures - potentially in the form of a group launch rather than the individual events we see in the few months before the season starts. They are also discussing the empty slot on the grid, and what is going to happen with Toyota’s exit and BMW’s potential entry - although I’m not sure that’s their decision.

Anyway, in other news, we have more names for the young driver test - IRL driver and Brit Mike Conway will have a go in the Mercedes GP car, joined by Marcus Ericsson, the Japanese Formula 3 Champion.

That’s everything for now, please join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.