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David Coulthard speaks out - David talks about Alonso joining the team and McLaren ethics

Published by Christine

David Coulthard speaks out
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I’m Christine and this is F1Minute for the 26th November 2007.

David Coulthard has given an exclusive interview to the ITV-F1 website giving some frank views and interesting insights.

His first point is that he doesn’t think Fernando Alonso will be joining Red Bull in the near future. He’s slightly disappointed in the lack of communication from the media since that story began to surface, thinking that perhaps journalists should do slightly more research and get the information firsthand.

David also uttered some surprise at the fact that Franz Tost from Toro Rosso was allowed to get away with inciting such rumours, considering the fact that Red Bull are first a totally separate team, and second, the parent company of his own.

Coulthard stuck up for Alonso considerably, saying that although events throughout the year may not have helped the image of the sport, at least everyone involved has acted consistently. And speaking from experience about McLaren, David said that although Ron can be a difficult man to get on with, the team absolutely do offer a fair and equal racing experience.

He even managed a quick plug for his autobiography.

That’s all for today, please join me tomorrow for another F1Minute.