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Controversial rear diffusers cleared to race - Brawn, Williams and Toyota are given the go ahead

Published by Christine

Controversial rear diffusers cleared to race
Controversial rear diffusers cleared to race audio waveform

It's the 26th March 2009, and this is F1Minute.

The Australian stewards have cleared the diffusers of Brawn, Williams and Toyota, after protests were made by three teams. BMW's protest was thrown out as it wasn't submitted in time, whilst Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull saw their protests rejected after hours of deliberation. This means the rear diffusers are cleared to race, but the matter will go to appeal after Malaysia.

Elsewhere, Richard Branson is on course to arrive in Melbourne to announce that he is a new sponsor for Brawn GP. After being linked with the team over the winter as a potential buyer, Branson will bring his Virgin Group brand to the car simply as a sponsor instead.

And finally, Lewis Hamilton has joined the GPDA after talking with team mate and chairman Pedro de la Rosa. Last year he said he was too busy to participate but this season believes he has something to add by being a member.

That's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.