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Wurz believes Honda have KERS edge - The team's energy recovery system is developing well

Published by Christine

Wurz believes Honda have KERS edge
Wurz believes Honda have KERS edge audio waveform

Today is the 25th October 2008, and this is F1Minute.

Alex Wurz, test driver for Honda, believes that his team have made great strides in their KERS development for next season, so much so that they should be way ahead of the competition. However, the Austrian is still realistic about what Honda will be able to achieve next year: “It's not going to take you from the back of the grid to the front. By the same token, not having it on-board isn't going to demote you from the front row to the back either. The influence of KERS on the whole package is not enough to create that significant a difference, but we'll rest easier in our beds than many of our opponents.”

Meanwhile DTM driver Paul di Resta feels that he is ready to break into F1 and it doesn’t matter which team helps him make the step up. He is currently linked with McLaren, through the Mercedes Young Driver Program but said he wouldn’t mind being at the back of the grid. This hints at a Force India seat, as they have the rumoured technology deal with McLaren for next year. However, Force India have already announced their drivers, so this could be pure speculation.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.