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Williams submit entry for 2010 - The team say they are still united to FOTA

Published by Christine

Williams submit entry for 2010
Williams submit entry for 2010 audio waveform

It’s the 25th May 2009, and this is F1Minute.

Williams have lodged their entry to the 2010 championship, despite the fact that FOTA have said they are united against the regulations. Adam Parr of Williams said they have joined in the teams association as they write to the FIA, but they have to adhere to the FOM contract they signed to appear in Formula 1 until 2010 –they have already been paid for doing so. Apparently FOTA are expected to meet again this week to decide what to do about their own entries – the deadline for submissions is this Friday.

Meanwhile, Toyota president John Howett has dismissed claims that the team will use the row to exit the sport regardless of whether the issues are sorted out or not. He said he’s urging the team not to panic in respect of their poor performance this weekend, and that it is their wish to find a compromise and enter the championship next year. The rest of it, as he says, is spin.

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