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Sauber test out McLaren-like duct system - The team may introduce a new system in Australia

Published by Christine

Sauber test out McLaren-like duct system
Sauber test out McLaren-like duct system audio waveform

Welcome to F1Minute, it’s the 25th March 2010.

BMW Sauber have introduced their own duct system ahead of the Australian race, and thus become the first team to bring on board the controversial device brought to the sport by McLaren. Apparently the team haven’t decided whether they will use the duct in the race itself but it was spotted on the car on today. McLaren won’t be very happy, as it is understood to have taken them at least a couple of years to develop. Sauber have brought it to their car in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Mark Webber has had to speak out and say he is not thinking about retirement yet. Lewis Hamilton was supposed to have said that if Webber finishes on a high this year he might think about calling it a day. Mark has said that is not the case, but he doesn’t mind Lewis expressing an opinion.

Finally, Tom Kristensen - eight time Le Mans winner, but no time F1 racer - has been confirmed as the driver who will advise the stewards during the Australian GP. An odd choice.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.