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An update on Felipe Massa's condition - Massa suffers serious injuries after a crash during the Hungarian qualifying

Published by Christine

An update on Felipe Massa's condition
An update on Felipe Massa's condition audio waveform

Welcome to a special F1Minute update for the 25th July 2009.

As mentioned earlier, Massa suffered a serious accident during the qualifying session in Hungary. Following replays, it became clear that a part of the rear suspension belonging to Barrichello’s Brawn car had worked loose and bounced down the track. This hit Massa’s helmet, rendering him unable to steer the car, and he ran straight on into the barriers.

The medical team were with him instantly, and he was stretchered back to the medical centre, where both Barrichello and Piquet went to check on his condition. He was taken on to a local hospital by helicopter.

Reports about his condition varied for a while, but Ferrari have confirmed that his injuries include concussion, and some bone damage to the skull that will require an operation. He is in intensive care at the moment, but in a stable condition. They also added that he was conscious at arrival to the hospital.

The team said further information will be released tonight, so you never know, I might be back with more information later.