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European Grand Prix update - All about Ferrari, as the mechanic is okay, and Massa keeps his victory

Published by Christine

European Grand Prix update
European Grand Prix update audio waveform

Welcome to an F1Minute update for the 24th August 2008.

Earlier today, I talked of the European Grand Prix at Valencia, and we were left wondering how the mechanic was that Kimi Räikkönen knocked down in a pit stop incident, and whether Massa was going to receive a penalty for his own pit lane misdemeanour. We know have the answer to both.

The mechanic, Pietro Timpini, has suffered from a fracture to the left foot and is also apparently complaining of back pain, but it does not appear to be too serious. It seems his first words were an apology, as though the incident was his fault, which just shows you how dedicated the Ferrari guys are. Räikkönen has admitted the mistake was his and apologised to the mechanic, so all is well.

Regarding Massa, the stewards released a statement about an hour after the race came to it’s conclusion. They decided that his release from the pit stop was unsafe but that no sporting advantage was obtained, thus the team have been reprimanded and Ferrari fined 10,000 Euros. Massa’s victory is secure.

That’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another F1Minute.